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This is a "Standard" snare drum (14" x 5 1/2") made of zebrawood with Cocoblo accent strips between the 8 Zebrawood staves. The drum was purchased by Jerry Augustnyack of 10,000 Maniacs which on tour at the Birchmere in Alexandria Virginia. Jerry selected this drum from the other two drums shown on my web site. The drum has die cast 8 lug hoops on the batter side and the snare side. The lugs are die cast chrome. The throw-off is die cast as is the vent and but plate. The snare is a 20 wire snare. The batter head is a Remo Diplomat and the snare side is a clear snare Remo Ambassador head. Jerry replaced his snare on the 30 anniversary tour to use this snare drum.

The drums stick are patterned after Vic Firth American Sound B5 sticks. Added to these sticks are lizards with 4mm red Swarovski crystals for the eye that shows. The lizards are burned and colored before putting a finish on them. These drum sticks were a gift to Jerry and meant as an accent decorating piece. The roughness of the crystal would hurt his hands after using in a show.